Monday, February 16, 2009

Free Crochet Pattern

I made the cutest crocheted Valentine envelopes for my grand girls. I got the free pattern at , you can search for "valentine envelopes". They were very easy, all you use is a single crochet stitch and a slip stitch. I made one with 100% cotton yarn, like I use with pot holders,
then I found the cutest multi-colored yarn and decided to use it instead. I really liked the texture of the cotton yarn but the other was too cute so, I had to use it.I put little valentines and a giant sucker inside. (I'm not the greatest photographer and my camera didn't really show all the colors in the yarn). It had red, yellow, oranges and pinks. I put a different matching edge on each one so they would know which one was theirs.

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  1. Thanks, for the site for the Valentine Envelope. I just got the pattern.