Thursday, July 12, 2012


While meditating, I always go to my grandparents garden. I hover there in the cool night air, surrounded in a soft bubble, gently bobbing up & down. I hover in the protective bubble so I won’t be bothered by mosquitoes or spiders BUT I can still hear the crickets & whippoorwills. I hover there looking up at the stars and watching the flicker of the lightening bugs. Their house is in the woods out in the country. The garden is directly behind the house so, I feel their protection. It has been 20 years since those times when I could actually be in that garden but I always want to bring that memory back. Even though I have my own garden now, I still go there to visit, for comfort to begin my meditation. Then once my mind is set in that “zone”, I can travel to other places, even into outer space if I choose. Looking back at the earth gives me such a peaceful feeling to know we actually have such a beautiful place to call home. But, mostly, I never have to travel far, for most of my pleasure comes from being at home with my husband and children around me. I can always watch them in my bubble where I am at the controls. I can turn the volume off or filter out what I don’t want. It’s my own private world, there in my bubble.