Thursday, October 22, 2009


On my recent visit to Sedona Arizona I could not miss the opportunity to find a quiet place for a moment of meditation. I chose the spot where my son & daughter-in-law had just been married not 15 hours before. Red Rock Crossing; a beautiful & majestic spot at the base of a red rock formation.I sat down on the warm red rock and held a piece of the native rock in each hand. It was early in the morning and the sun had already warmed the rock considerably. To my surprise after only a couple of minutes my message came through loud and clear. All around me was the deafening sound of cicada's & insects singing their songs when suddenly all at once it stopped. All around me was silence. I was acutely aware of the warmth of the sun on my face, body & surroundings (fire), the sound of a flowing nearby creek (water), the very cool wind on my face & in my hair (wind) and the presence of the rock in my hands & where I sat (earth). My message was simple: "Everything will be okay, my life serene; all I have to do it make it happen". Then the insects singing again. Maybe I was looking for a more other worldly message but what I got was the calmest moment of my life. I knew at that moment, that was the best message I could have longed for. It came through at an apex of calm, making me know even though some moments of quiet may be short, never underestimate the power of that moment.