Thursday, June 4, 2009

Find A Good Meditative Spot

I have been meditating now for about 3 years and have always done it indoors. At first I would lay on the couch but most recently have been lying on the bed in the dark. I most often see people meditating outside at a peaceful spot and have been thinking about trying this technique. My son is getting married in September in Sedona Arizona, which is an extreme hot spot for things like this. It is a high energy place, with all the red rock and lay lines. There are special spots especially for meditation and am looking forward to trying it there. But, in the meantime I think I will try a place nearby called "The Old Mill". It is in North Little Rock. There was a scene filmed there in the opening credits in Gone With The Wind. It is very pretty & peaceful...IF you can get there when it is not crowded.I have had people tell me this looks like a Thomas Kincaid painting. I took it in April.Spring is the best time to go when all the azaleas and other flowers are in full bloom.


  1. Wow, beautiful! I shall now have to watch GWTW more closely...

  2. I've heard that about Sedona, too, and find that very interesting about the energy and lay lines. I always find I'm most at peace in a beautiful, quiet spot outdoors (if I can find it!). Those are some beautiful photos you took of the old mill.

  3. What a beautiful structure. A wonderful place to think and pray.