Wednesday, December 23, 2009


December 23rd and time for the preparation of some of the foods for our Christmas Eve party. I don't want to spend all day tomorrow cooking. So, today I have been cleaning and tonight I will make the lemon cheese cake, divinity & make sure all the dishes, ingredients, etc. are set out. Before bed I will have my tea and put aside a few extra minutes for a deep meditation so, hopefully the next few days will not be too tiresome. I hope everyone gets to visit with family & friends this Christmas even though so many are snowed in.


  1. Hey there, just popping in to say hi and to give you permission to use the picture we discussed. Hope your friends get a kick out of her. Merry Christmas, Susan.

  2. I guess it's just easier to post a comment here ... you asked about heirloom seeds. Open pollinated, heirloom ... organic type of seeds are best to use if you want to gather your own seeds to replant next season. Some of our food from commercial growers is genetically modified to include pesticides within the seed .. and or are patented to produce sterile seeds that won't reproduce very well. The seeds I'm going to plant will, over time, acclimate to my specific area and can be saved from season to season. If you want more info ... google genetically modified seeds or Monsanto seeds .. see what you can find about them. Also check out open pollinated seeds on line to compare.

    Have a good new year.