Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Today I had a premonition on my way to run some errands. Not 30 minutes later that premonition came true. I was short changed at the drug store but on my way to the car I remembered my earlier thought. When I got in the car it was so strong in my head, I had to recount my money and really think about the bills I had before I left the house. After careful examination, I realized I was wrong, I had not been short changed so I had to go back inside, apologize profusely and return the $5. So, now my thought is; was the premonition really a premonition OR did the so called premonition cause me to unconsciously think I was short changed. Either way, I felt better knowing I did the right thing when faced with a moral decision. HUMILITY IS A POWERFUL THING!

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  1. Our intuition, that inner voice, talks to us all the time, but it's quiet, and we often don't listen. We need to learn to trust it. Sometimes when shopping with small children, you get distracted, or tuck an item out of the way, and accidently take it out of the store without paying for it. One time, I noticed that I hadn't paid for a little outfit that was going to be a gift. I brought it back in and paid, and apologized, and asked if this happened very often. The clerk said, "You'd be surprised how many people do come back to make good on the purchase." That warmed my heart. There ARE honest people out there!