Tuesday, January 5, 2010


If you have ever had trouble with a busy mind, thought looping or anything else that keeps you distracted & from settling down at night (probably everyone on the planet) then you can benefit from daily meditation. You don't have to have an instructor or class to go to. You don't even have to know what to do. Just go to a quiet place and concentrate on nothing...try to clear your head even if it is for a couple of minutes. Don't think about what happened today, yesterday or what will happen tomorrow. Give your mind a break! If you have trouble with this, try concentrating on your breathing...in, out, in, out. FOCUS on a word or object to center yourself. I personally use a quartz crystal...it helps me center my energy...I imagine that energy as a bright light that flows through my body & hands into the crystal & back into my body again. Try it...you'll enjoy the benefits.
Join me along with Jan Lundy and friends at AWAKE IS GOOD for a 28 day study in meditation. You can join in at any point or just read along.

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  1. Hellomy friend,
    How nice to find your journey into meditation chronicled here. I am honored you are part of the 28-Day Challenge. Your faithfulness is inspiring. I look forward to seeing you there tomorrow.

    FYI, my mind does not like to stay focused on one thought in meditation for very long. I am constantly working with this issue. It has gotten easier over time, though, simply because I am losing my opinion about it. What we resist persists; what we are neutral about diminishes. Blessings to you!