Sunday, January 3, 2010


Hello and welcome to the year 2010...I am embarking on a journey of self discovery, of a freedom few will know. This journey will not take me long distances and hours of travel time. It will not be filled with the stress of planning and budgeting. It will merely be a journey inside of myself, to the far realms of my mind where only I can go. I will seek out what's inside my heart & mind & soul. My goal is to reach this place & bring back it's energy in the form of self enlightenment. So that when someone looks at me, they will say..."tell me your secret".
To begin, I have joined forces with Jan Lundy over at her blog AWAKE IS GOOD. She has started a 28 day meditation challenge.

I have gradually gotten away from meditating every day and I can definitely tell the difference in my day to day self. I am much more sluggish & some days lack the drive to get through the day without feeling drained. So, I starting my daily sessions on Dec 31st to get a head start on 2010. Her sessions started today and I am so looking forward to this journey. Please feel free to join us in this attempt to renew our life energies.

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