Sunday, March 1, 2009


This is a forsythia that I spied Friday, coming home from work. It is the first one in bloom that I have seen so far. It seems to have come into full bloom in just one day. It is amazing how fast some plants bloom out so quickly.
Then last night we had a blowing snow that lasted from about 4:00 pm until about midnight. At times it looked like the flakes were falling UP! Mostly it was coming down sideways because the wind was blowing so hard. Some of it stuck to the ground but was melted off by midday. This was not so unusual for us here in Arkansas, I can remember several times in the past when it snowed in March and not just flurries but several inches. Certain areas around the state DID get several inches of accumulation though. I was hoping we would actually get some snow this Winter but we didn't. Now I am just ready for Spring.

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