Sunday, March 22, 2009


I have been on an herbal tea kick for quite some time. It is almost like a hobby because there is always a new one to try. My daughter went to Chicago last month and found a tea shop called TeaPots n Treasures. She bought me a wonderful tea blend that has Egyptian chamomile, orange peel, ginger, rooibos and mint. It is named "When You Feel Ichy Tea". The label says when you feel a sore throat comin on, or a cold headache, out in the cold & got a chill, feel puny or just really sick & ichy.
It really does make you feel better and helps you sleep. I always sweeten it with honey and sometimes I will add extra mint or green tea to brighten up the flavors. Ginger has been one of my favorites because it is good for colds or when you have a stomach ache. The color of this tea is really vivid and the flavors come together nicely.


  1. I love tea, but I've never done loose tea. I seem to always go with teabags. I just might have to try loose tea. BTW, thanks for my mail. Go Hogs!

  2. That tea sounds wonderful Thanks for the info about the tea shop. We're not too terribly far from Chicago, so I may have to visit it myself. I hope you are feeling better!

  3. Angela please forgive me! This store is not in Chicago, it is in Indianapolis Indiana. I will try to find you a similar tea shop in Chicago to make up for my mistake.