Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Heat Of Ginger

I have experienced the most delicious candy...called ginger chews. It seems to me to be a more "adult" candy. I use it as a supplement while sick or just when I need a pep. Originally I had a product found at Target at Christmas made by a company called The Ginger People. I guess it was a seasonal item because we couldn't find it again but later I found the same candy except made by another company,
Reed's at my favorite local health food store.

The only difference I can see is that the Reed's product is a little harder to chew than The Ginger People. But, it has the same flavor and texture. It is a wonderful product that gives a nice BITE of heat. Ginger is good for a host of ailments and is good for many functions including: travel sickness, stomach upset, hypertension, throat inflammation, constipation, protects lungs & colon, reduces & expels mucous, stimulates circulation, increases metabolic rate, heart & artery renewal, is a natural diuretic and much more. Look at your nearest health food store or order online.


  1. I have crystalised Giner but, I would like some that Reeds Ginger.

  2. That looks like interesting candy. I've heard that ginger (ginger tea) also helps fight the nausea that people undergoing chemo experience. This candy might also help them feel better. Thanks for the info!

  3. My hubby has aways loved ginger ale and now is drinking the "extra ginger" gingerbeer made by Reeds. He has gallstones and feels that it benefits him with this problem. He loves it. Way too tingly for me, but I am saving all the bright red caps to use in jewelry. So it's a "win-win" situation. Thanks for the idea of the candy.