Thursday, April 2, 2009


Several years ago I found a great soap from a specialty spa-like shop in Oxford Mississippi. It was Marseille Olive Oil Soap handmade in Marseille France. It was great and recently I have been thinking about it so, I went online and found their website, Marseille Soap. I put a $12 bar of the soap in my cart and when I went to the checkout, it calculated the UPS ground shipping to be $7.41. I'm sorry but I am not paying that much shipping for a $12 order. I know it is because of the weight, obviously. I am going to try to find this soap at a similar store in the Little Rock area. It is such a wonderful product, I know I will be thinking about it until I get some. If I can't find it anywhere then I might have to resort to paying the postage Gods!


  1. I'm with you. That is just too much for postage, but if that is the only way to get it, you may have to bite the bullet. In times like these, we have to take shipping charges and other expenses more seriously than before. Ahh, well, such is life. I hope you can find an alternative locally. By the way, the shop in my side bar, ships for about half of what you mentioned. Take care.

  2. Postage is outrageous ( if that is the way to spell it.)
    Thanks, a bunch for the Ginger candy, it is yummy. And what a nice surprise to find in my mailbox today. You made my day.