Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hurricane River Cave

And speaking of CAVES...This is a perfect time of year to visit one. At smaller caves like Hurricane River, in NW Arkansas you might even get a personal tour if you get there during off-peak times. The entry sign looks like it could use a little TLC but don't let that keep you away. Even the drive-way leading to the office/entry leaves you feeling like maybe it is not open to visitors. But, once you get there you will be pleasantly surprised and greeted by a lovely old Great Pyrenees.

Your tour guide (ours was TOM) will take you through an eerie old iron gate shaped like a giant spider web. We were told it's only one of maybe 2 caves in the USA with a web gate.

The cave was such a great surprise for us, very up close & personal. The walls along the path are RIGHT next to you. You have to be very careful not to touch them. In several areas you have to duck down to continue along the narrow passageway.

You will also see small Pipistrelle bats. They are small cave bats about 3" long that hang singly here & there, not in large groups. Don't be afraid if you see them flying toward you, they WON'T hit you. We could have reached up and picked them off the low hanging ceiling in several spots. But, I opted for pictures instead.

If you are very lucky, like we were, you might even see a Cave Salamander.

Hopefully you will leave with a head full of exciting memories and with a feeling of relaxation and excitement. To experience Mother Nature up close & personal will help you get in touch with your inner energy.


  1. Very interesting place. Thanks for the little trip!

  2. What great pictures. We have a set of caverns nearby that are really interesting and I have also been caving in the past. I am now too claustrophobic to squeeze into tiny underground spaces, but it was a great experience. Thanks for the virtual tour!

  3. Love this, great pictures, taking GS there Tue. Thank you for posting these!