Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Free your mind from yourself…you might say, “What do you mean, my mind is who I am.” But what if that wasn’t true; let’s just say that each and every one of us has two parts, our inner self & our worldly self. Our worldly self being our physical body, our experiences, knowledge and thoughts, remembrances and inner demons that want to tear us down. If you’ve ever stayed awake at night for hours on end, worrying about something that has happened or might happen then you know what I mean by inner demons. Our inner self is what you might call your soul. But I’m not referring to the soul as an unreachable part of ones self, something that is an incorporated part of your mind & body. I’m speaking of a part that is totally separate and unconnected to every part of yourself that you normally think about as being who you are…
I’m speaking to you not only from what I have learned but also from personal experience. I’ve only recently been able to put two & two together. Some years ago I was experiencing a lot of inner demons. After several years of torment that I felt I could not shake off, suddenly one morning after another night of practically NO sleep, I felt what I called, “The hand of God” touch me, an epiphany of pure love. I felt a wave of wonderful inner peace pass through my body. It was like my inner voice said “I have forgiven, I can forgive all the wrong that has been dealt me and just love who I am and forget. I can go on from this point and never look back at what happened, because I have forgiven.” Before I knew it I was out of bed at 5:00 a.m. calling everyone to tell them what had happened. I could barely speak because I was crying from the pure love that I had inside of me. It was truly the most emotional experience of my life, one experience that I thought I had to share with everyone. The only problem, then, was I couldn’t explain it, so for lack of knowing I could just say “It was the hand of God that came down and touched me and wiped away all of my pain and gave me the ability to forgive the transgressions against me and go forward without looking back.” Now almost 7 years later, after much reading, research & knowing, I have placed all the pieces of this 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle together for the whole picture. It’s really quite complicated but yet so simple now that I know what happened. In meditation, you don’t think about or concentrate on anything in particular; you clear you mind of all thought of all clutter, while still being aware. If you are having trouble doing this, you can ‘go to your happy place’. A place that relaxes you so you can clear your mind of your usually thoughts. After you have been doing this for a while it gets easier to clear your mind totally. Only then can you experience your true inner self, the pure light deep inside where all the knowledge of the universe exists. This is what happened to me that morning. I had been awake most of the night and in the early morning I was in a state of mind where my body needed sleep but my mind was awake. In that moment when my mind was clearing, getting ready to go to sleep but not asleep, that is when there was a moment of openness of clarity just enough for that light to escape into my consciousness. I believe we have the power to grasp this knowledge now. Maybe bits & pieces at a time but we do have the ability inside of ourselves. That wave of pure love that came to me that morning, I believe, was this energy breaking into my worldly mind. We all have God inside of us in this form. We just have to clear our worldly mind clutter away and reach out for it. Know you have the power to experience this for yourself. If I could have one wish, it would be that each and every person on this Earth experience this at least once. Then they would know that anything is possible, that we have the ability to live happily together in harmony with each other and truly love one another. What I can’t imagine is a group of people with this pure light of energy surrounding them, holding hands, growing the light…OH, what they could accomplish…ANYTHING I THINK!

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  1. Hello there,
    I surfed my way here from our 31 Day Challenge and thoroughly enjoyed the vibrant colors and inspiring contents of your blog.
    I can relate to the above blog because I have practised yoga and meditation for many years. The light of love and energy you speak of is palpable and a gift from God.
    Some might discredit it until they live through it...
    Thank you for sharing your experiences!