Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Short List of Canvas Art

I had a request from a follower to display some of my art. I only have a few oil paintings to share and a couple more in the works. After I finish these, I will be trying acrylics and watercolor. I have some sketches that I will do nothing else to except maybe frame. I would try putting some color on these but they were not drawn on watercolor paper and I would be afraid to add the wet paint. The soaring dove was the very first oil painting I ever tried and the lion the second. The fox is a work in progress. My son already said he wants it when I get done. I am part Cherokee Indian and my spirit animal is the fox (hence my blog name) and I have been very partial to this drawing so it will be hard to part with BUT I have another idea for a second fox. I will be drawing it on canvas soon and I might try to paint both of them at the same time or back to back. One for my son and one for me.

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