Thursday, December 11, 2008

Take A Roll

Using the right side of your brain will ensure you have a healthier more fulfilling life. That means think like a child, do things that are fun even though it might not be something you wouldn't normally do. Get down in the floor and roll around will your pet or grandchild, sing a silly song out loud, fly a kite, go to a park and swing or roll through fall leaves. These are the things we think we are not supposed to do anymore because we are "grown-up". But they are the same things that keep our brains in tune with our bodies. The more we can stay in tune with our inner-selves the more fulfilling our lives will be. And if you can't do those things, just go there in your mind, to a special place where you can be a kid again. When I go to my special place it is usually my grandparents house in the country. I will picture myself standing in the middle of their huge garden at night and looking up at the stars. I can hear the crickets and cicadas humming and an occasional whippoorwill or I will go to the beach, with the waves lapping onshore and the sea gulls chirping overhead. This is the basic principle behind meditation.


  1. Liz, you are so right. Most of "young" my thoughts are about being at my grandparents house when I was a child. I lived with them most of my life and they were my best friends ! I come from a small family. Playing in the snow, walking in a pile of Fall leaves (hearing them go crunch ! ) The smell of my granmother cooking Is one of my best memories. I am 70 and I still miss them.

  2. This is so true. I seem to be doing this more and more, since I am starting to care less and less about what people think of me! I used to be pretty worried about being "proper," now I think it is important for my children to see me being genuine, so that they can go on and live full and fulfilled lives and not worry so much about what other people want them to be.

    By thinking this way I am much more in tune with my own mind and body, and I seem to be more in tune with other people as well.

    I, too, think of my grandmother so often, although I rarely was able to see her. She lived in Germany, where my parents are from, so I only was able to see her a few times in my life, but those times were and are some of my most precious memories. If I am ever lucky enough to become a grandmother, I want to spend as much time a possible with my grandchildren. It can be such a special relationship!