Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Always loyal in everything.
Questions everything with an open mind.
Unwavering honesty & integrity.

An excellent listener. Likes
Relationships built on trust. Can’t
Imagine life without an intelligent spouse.
Utterly dislikes being reminded of the past.
Slow to take offense & takes criticism well.

by Liz P.


  1. Hey, CherokeeFox. I picked you up through Linda's Bees. Great site, that. Nicely done, and I really like bees. And honey.

    You mentioned being new to blogging, and not quite getting some of the Blogs of Note. I don't always get those blogs, either, but still find it interesting.

    I look at blogging like an open diary. Some are very specific, some more general, but all are quite personal. I like experiencing the things people want to share.

    Please feel free to pop on over to my blogs. Just bump to my profile (hopefully the image will be posted; click on that). I maintain four blogs covering several of my interests. The short stories are very short and quick to read. Everything Else is my general blog.

    Have fun with the blogging thing. It really is quite fun.


  2. Thanks for the comment. I have been searching for blogs and never realized this was such a huge thing. I had started a myspace page a while back and have enjoyed that. I think this blogging will be a better outlet for me personally because I can do more writing about things that are important to me.