Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hiking In Arkansas

This past weekend in central Ark. was gorgeous for getting outside. We only had to travel about 1 hour to Petit Jean State Park. They have so many things to do there and many different trails to hike. We had been on the Cedar Falls Trail before and knew it was a little difficult due to the uphill climb getting back, so we opted for an easier hike on the Bear Cave & Rock House Cave trails. We were absolutely thrilled with our decision. Bear Cave trail was great and we both recommend it to anyone, in fact I encourage anyone to go on this trail even if you don't do anything else in the park. This time of the year is perfect, before it gets too cold and the ground gets soggy. It would be bad if the conditions were wet because it would be too slippery since you will want to climb on the rocks. Bear Cave trail is FULL of huge rocks, overhangs and passages. It starts out immediately from the entrance off the parking area into the rocks, no long hike just to get there.

Rock House Cave was also great. It didn't take quite as long because there were not as many passageways to weave through. The trail starts out through a short woodsy trail into a rock clearing where you walk through the Turtle Rocks.

Then on into the woods again a short distance where you will come to a HUGE opening in the rock ledge, Rock House Cave.

We had a Blast! Feeling like kids again, exploring with our granddaughter. Climbing the rocks, taking pictures and imagining where the bears and other animals probably lived. We ended our day with a short visit to Petit Jean Overlook. There is a very nice wooden walkway around the end of the bluff where you can walk and look out over the valley below, where you can see the Arkansas River meandering through.


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