Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good Bye Mosquito, So-Long Spider, Adios Flea

Now that Fall has arrived, winter is right around the corner and just in time when most folks are tired of fighting the “bugs”, especially if you are from the south. If you ARE from the south, you know what I am talking about so I don’t really have to elaborate any further so, let’s just say you aren’t from the south. If you live in a climate that is not rich in the insect world, let me say. “YOU ARE ONE LUCKY PERSON”. Maybe you have heard people joke about the bugs being so big in the south that they will carry you away or the one that cracked your windshield of your car or broke your tooth while riding your motorcycle. Yes, it gets pretty bad down here. I DO NOT go outside during the summer months at night unless it is an actual emergency. Not only are the mosquito’s bad but, the spiders! YIKES, they are everywhere, spinning their webs along the eaves of the house or across the railings of the porch. Once, I stumbled at the top of the deck steps and a web broke my fall. Well, only because I saw it and practically killed myself to keep from going down, there. And don’t even think about getting by with the el-cheapo brand of flea treatment for your pet. It doesn’t work here. You have to get the good stuff or your house and pet will be infested in no time. I cringe at the knowledge that some countries actually supplement their diets with bugs. (YUMM PROTEIN) Now those places really know about some creepy crawlies. We don’t hold a candle to them, so I guess we should consider ourselves lucky. Our roaches are only ½”-2” long. Some countries have them up to 6” long with a wingspan of over 1 foot wide. I’m sure you can hear those suckers scurrying along. Talk about being carried away. Thanks, but I think I will stay in the south.
Helpful Hints: To rid your house of roaches; mix sugar & baking soda, 50/50 then sprinkle inside cabinets. Get rid of spiders; use Borax or baking soda, sprinkle in problem areas.

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