Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Need Help Adding RSS To My Blog

I have been trying to figure out how to add an rss feed button to my blog so people can subscribe but I just cannot figure out how to do it. There is SO much information out there and most of it is over my head. My question to you today is: "Do you think I really could benefit from adding this"? And if so could anyone lead me to a good site that explains it in layman's terms.
As you can see I found the icon or button I want to use but I need to know how to add the feed. I'm not even sure I am explaining that right. I just need to be able to add this so people can click it to subscribe to my blog or articles. PLEASE HELP!


  1. I am the worst at this, but I think this is how to do it. Sign in and go to your layout page. Click in on "add a page element" and it gives you numerous options. I think the one you want is one of these. Also, in the address bar at the top of everyone's page is an orange box. Anyone can click on that and subscribe to that specific blog. Hope this was right. Take care. Susan

  2. But when you go to the "add a page element" to the "add-rss" you have to paste a url link. Where does that come from? I think that orange box on everyones address bar is just the blogger icon. I think the rss box would be on the right side of the address bar. Notice I keep using "I think".

  3. WOW-I just tried to read up on the google feedburner and now I am really confused. I guess I should just wait and think about this much later...after I have been doing this longer and have learned more.