Friday, May 15, 2009


I was recently given 2 awards and would like to thank Cheryl at
Lizzy Freefrock for the One Lovely Blog Award. AND Angela at Angela Recada for the Kreativ Blogger Award.
The ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD wants me to pass it along to 15 good looking new blogs and the KREATIV BLOGGER AWARD wants me to pass it along to 7 creative bloggers & tell 7 things that I love. This will be a hard process to choose a total of 22 blogs so while you are waiting for me to gather this info...I will tell you 7 things that I love the most:
1. FAMILY - My wonderful husband of 27 years, my 2 children and my 4 grandchildren. Also the rest of my know who you are!
2. ART - although I go for long periods without creating anything personally...I do enjoy being able to whip up something when I want or need to.
3. MUSIC - I can't imagine living without it. Whether I am listening or playing, I think music helps you live in the present. Which is where we all should be.
4. BOOKS - And I don't even have to be reading them...just being around them makes me happy. I used to love to go to the library as a child and sit on the floor and read. Now my oldest granddaughter loves to read, she can't get enough & she is only 8
5. COLOR - I love it...I love blogs that have lots of color. It says a lot about who a person is.
6. FALL - I guess Fall is my favorite time of year. Finally bringing relief from the heat of summer and bringing in some of my favorite colors like: orange and brown, the changing of the leaves and cool windy days.
7. BEING LAZY - although I shouldn't admit it out loud---oh, who cares...I will say it YES I love being lazy. Not that I ALWAYS am, just when I can, I relish it!!!


  1. Fun facts, we have a lot in common. Especially reading and let's change being lazy to "relaxing",that sounds so much better... we have that in common too. Enjoy your weekend. Susan

  2. Okie-dokie..."relaxing" it is. Right now I am reading "The Power Of Now". It is a slow read because you have to stop and think about what the author is saying-A LOT. You have a good weekend too.

  3. Wow, we do have a lot in common!

    I'm all for relaxing whenever possible!

    I hope you have a relaxing weekend!

  4. Hi Liz, just found your blog, love your pictures and love reading another Arkansan's blog. I just read many of your prior posts and I totally agree with you about the Canon cameras. I have had a rebel xt for 4 years and continue to learn great things it will do. I recently bought a powershot sd1100 to carry in my purse and it makes great pictures. Sometimes I use it instead of the rebel even at home. I love Bedford Camera, they are always so helpful. Do you use photoshop? I just got it but.....what to do with it. Pioneer Woman Actions seem to do everything I need to do...

  5. Hi Liz!
    I see that you are following my blog and just wanted to stop by and say "hi!" and thanks. Your blog is beautiful, so full of color and life. I can see why you won the Lovely Blog award. I am happy to read about your loves and am in total agreement when you say how important it is for us to live in the present. I just posted about this on my blog today. We are definitely on similar paths. :-) Blessings to you!

  6. Thank you Jan, I am glad you visited & invite you back again anytime.