Sunday, May 17, 2009


I thought I would post some pictures i took today of my little garden. The radishes didn't grow well due to lack of sunshine over the past few weeks & also because I figured out I didn't plant the seeds deep enough. I planted some more a few days ago so will let you know how those turn out. The lettuce & tomatoes are doing good. The leaves on the green beans don't look very good and the cucumbers seem to be lagging behind. I think it is all because of lack of sun. Hopefully the next few weeks will produce something edible. I had a salad tonight with the lettuce!!!
Sweet Banana Pepper buds
Green Beans-I try to recycle when I can, hence the milk jug containersCucumbers


  1. Your container garden is very avant garde! I just got off a teleseminar on Bau Biology and they talked about how important it is to have green plants as they do so much for us: they clean our air, they add to or take away humidity depending on what is needed, and in your case, they are providing organic (?) food for you! Great idea to use containers where space is limited! We also talked about a winter garden, but that is for another post! I love your container garden! Good luck with it! Looks as if you are off to a great start! diantha

  2. So glad to meet another container tomatoes are in 5 gallon cake iceing buckets and at the moment they are in the garage....BECAUSE....of last nights FROST....are we sure this is spring??!!


  3. Everything's looking pretty good! There's nothing better than a salad made from things you've grown yourself!

    I hope you have a terrific weekend!

  4. Love your fish pot!!! I am trying container gardening this year as well, in an attempt to have both a garden and bunnies in the yard...