Thursday, May 14, 2009


As most of you know, color has an affect on our mood. Here is a quick reference of colors and some of the the feelings they invoke:
1. RED - power, energy, strength, passion, excitement. Also anger & violence.
2. ORANGE - excitement, hope, enthusiasm, optimism. Also jealousy & deceit.
3. YELLOW - happiness, energizing, uplifting. Also frustration & irritability.
4. GREEN - good health, luck, vigor, generosity, restfulness, calming, togetherness.
5. BLUE - peace, tranquility, stability, calming, relaxing, unity, harmony.
6. PURPLE - spirituality, wisdom, creativity, enlightenment, restfulness, nobility.
7. PINK - tranquility, youth, femininity.
8. BLACK - authority, power, sophistication, mystery. Also fear, unhappiness.
9. BROWN - genuineness, sadness, wistfulness.
10. WHITE - reverence, innocence, purity, simplicity, peace, humility.
You can't go wrong with blues, greens, purple and white.
Be careful with reds, yellows and black. My favorites have always been purple and orange. They have good balance for me. You will always see orange popping up in my pictures.

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