Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Tap into your inner aura by closing you eyes, take a deep breath and concentrate on the energy within your body. Envision the energy in every part of your body, your life force, your aura, so that it will grow through and around you. Try to project this aura around your body. Doing this every day will bring inner peace and awareness of ones self.


  1. Hi Liz,
    Looks like you are up and running. Hooray! I love the image here. Are you the creator? Question. Do you have any advice as to how one can begin to visualize, as you describe above? I have a loved one whom I often instruct to "just imagine" or visualize but his mind is so very busy that he can't seem to allow himself this pleasure. Any thoughts? Do you think some people are just more visual than others?

  2. I like to use my phots as often as possible but I got this one off of google images.

    It is hard to tune out mind clutter but one technique is to concentrate on a specific part of your body, try to visualize what you feel there. Every part of your body is made up of energy. You can start at your feet and slowly move up to your head or vise vera. Or if you have trouble doing that, really concentrate on your breathing. In through your nose & out of your mouth. Think of pure white light going in, once it is in it will absorb all the negativety and when you expel it, visualize it as grey, since it is ridding your body of toxic thoughts. If you can clear your mind for a just few moments at a time is a good start. It gets easier as you practice.

  3. I don't think so many are so much more visual than others. Just that some have so many more thoughts in their heads. "Mind clutter". Plus the person has to really want to do this. If they are not ready to take the time & help themselves through the process, it will never work. (It is a fairly slow process. I recommend doing a lot of reading to understand how it works & that it WILL work if you try hard enough.

  4. I feel my aura should be spread throwout the world, not guarded by my soul. Therefore i am unable to concentrate with the anger inside.